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Purcell Press publishing - history and aims

We are open to most genres– horror, crime, thriller, literary fiction, utopian or dystopian narratives, real-life stories, spirituality, physics.

But what are the key topics today? 

Let’s start with the planet.

Can we undo the destruction of rainforests, endangered species, climate? 

Or is this life (as some say) a holographic fantasy, an illusion? 

Is there any possibility of global peace, or is that an eco-sci-fi utopian fantasy?

Gender–male, female, and points in-between. 

What are your thoughts on malleable pro-nouns? Or shape-shifting sexes? Cyborgs and AI. Will we even have organic bodies in decades to come?

Exploring the five senses and beyond.

Can you shape an alternate reality, skirt the outer limits, and circle back to hammer out a new commentary on the world!

We are actively seeking new writers. Through our 2020 online workshops (coming soon), we aim to develop and publish original writing from around the world. 

We love ebooks. They don’t hurt the planet too much, and they’re easy to carry and quick to produce. 

We will be keen on publishing your work if your style is authentic and your words stand out. 

Brief background. 

Purcell Press started as a magazine. We published fiction, poetry, and reviews with edgy Londoners such as Bette Bourne of Bloolips and journalist Suzanne Moore.

Today, Bette is known by his/her birth name of ‘Peter’ Bourne. Back in the day, she was the doyen of costume-filled extravaganzas at the long-lost experimental theatre on Goodge Street, the old Drill Hall. Suzanne writes for the Guardian newspaper.

In 2011, we morphed into a blog-type magazine. We held workshops for several years in West London, and a few literary agent events in central London.

What about poetry?

Over the years, our contributing poets have shown style and imagination, call it ‘word art’, weaving mystical perceptions with keen observations of everyday life, and doing it with great humour and sharp wit!

We are collecting those poems into a new volume this year. 

We are lucky to have an award-winning poet, Debjani Chatterjee, joining us at Purcell Press to publish her translation of Tagore later this year. 

So, please send a short sample of your work, including a summary of your writing background. Go to our submissions page.

Three poems, one chapter,  or 1500 words, will give us an idea of your writing style. 

We will send news highlights and writing samples to our networks of publishers and partnerships, including associate literary agencies.

Online writing course.

Learn about our writing workshop.  

Writing services?

We offer: 

  • Proposal-writing service. 
  • Book review. 
  • Book distribution.
  • Proofing, critique, editing, and copy editing your book.

Mission statement

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