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Alice Frances Wickham

Alice Frances Wickham

Alice Frances Wickham

Alice frances wickham

Alice was born in Ireland. She has lived in London since 1987. In the mid-90's she started a zine called New London Writers which morphed into a blog, and then into Purcell Press. She is passionate about writing, and about empowerment through language. She also likes teaching, having spent several years providing ESOL tuition to economically disadvantaged communities in London.  Her own writing is published in Edge, Litro, Tales to Terrify, Storylandia, Mir, Paradise Press, Yellow Mama, Indian Voice Review and a few other places that she can't remember.  Currently working on a script for TV.

Paul Gallagher

Alice Frances Wickham

Alice Frances Wickham


Paul is a writer, script consultant and director of Twelve Chairs Films. He teaches the MA Screenwriting course at Birkbeck.  Paul is one of the founders of Euroscript, a well-known film production company. His book - Dancing In The Waves - is available at Waterstones, published by Mer Publishing. 

About Us


How Purcell Press began:

Purcell Press is an offshoot of the popular blog, and workshop, New London Writers.  

During its tenure, NLW held events and workshops with well-known literary agent, Jeffrey Simmons, and Jan Moran Neil - Creative Ink for Writers. 

The blog attracted interesting writers posting on a range of subjects - art, current affairs, literature, fiction and poetry

We wanted to move from blogging to book publishing, hence the publishing press. 

Are you a new or emerging writer? If so, why not match your ambition with ours, and let's get your book out there. 

Going forward, we'd like to keep the spirit of the blog alive. We hope to encourage feedback, commentary, positive workshopping, and that same vibrant feeling of community.

Alice and Paul.