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Yogesh Patel MBE

A former co-editor of Skylark (India), Yogesh Patel has published contemporary international poetry since the seventies. Currently, he runs the Word Masala Project to promote writers and poets of the South Asian diaspora. He also edits eSkylark. He writes a regular column for Confluence. Additionally, Yogesh is a founder of the literary charity, Gujarati Literary Academy, and has served as its president. He was a Fellow of the International Poetry Society and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He was awarded the Freedom of the City of London and, as a trilingual poet, has four LP records, two films, radio programmes, children’s book, fiction and non-fiction books, including poetry collections to his credit.

Apart from being a recipient of the IWWP award, the International Scottish Diploma for excellence in poetry, and an Hon. Diploma from the Italian University of Arts, he has won the Co-Op Award for poetry on the environment. By profession, Yogesh is a qualified optometrist and an accountant. A short list of his work and achievements is available at

(Yogesh has been published by Under the Radar, IOTA, Envoi, Understanding, Fire, Orbis, IPSE, BBC, Muse India, Confluence, Asian Voice, Skylark, and others. He is also anthologised in MacMillan, Redbeck and other anthologies. He has read at many prestigious venues, including the House of Lords and the National Poetry Library, Southbank Centre.

Purcell Press will publish some of Yogesh's poetry this year. 


Featured Writer

Debjani Chatterjee MBE

Debjani's podcasts for ‘Writers Aloud’, an audio series featuring and presented by writers who are Fellows of the Royal Literary Fund (RLF), can be accessed at  Writers Aloud is also available as a free podcast in the iTunes store. 

In Episode 129, dated 3-8-17 and lasting 30:39, Debjani Chatterjee talks with fellow Sheffield writer Frances Byrnes about her writing work in the community, and her own medical traumas and their impact on her life.

In Episode 127, dated 20-7-2017 and lasting 24:29, ‘My Favourite Book’, part 1, Debjani and four other RLF writers share their all-time favourite books, and explain why they matter. 

In Episode 77, dated 21-7-2016, and lasting 33:40, ‘Poets of the Ghazal’, Julia Copus is joined by poets Debjani Chatterjee, Basir Kazmi and Mimi Khalvati, to explore the long history and contemporary pleasures of the ghazal. 

To learn more about the ghazal, see Debjani’s book Generations of Ghazals: Ghazals by Nasr Kazmi and Basir Sultan Kazmi (Redbeck Press, 2003); her chapter on the ghazal in Rishi Dastidhar’s The Craft: A Guide to Making Poetry Happen in the 21st Century (Nine Arches Press, 2019); and her ‘Introduction to the Ghazal’ in Translation, Transcreation, EnterText, Volume 2, number 2 (Brunel University, Summer 2003).

Purcell Press will publish Debjani's translation of Tagore later this year. 


Writer Gallery

Shmavon Azatyan

Shmavon Azatyan

Shmavon Azatyan writes fiction and screenplay, as well as poetry. He holds a PhD in Humanities and Social Sciences from La Trobe University. Shmavon’s short stories, essays and poems have been published in many countries. Shmavon’s research interest resides in narrative, fiction and film, and narrativity of space.      


Robyn Daly

Ava in the Clouds follows our protagonist, Ava, on a strange adventure where she makes a new friend, learns about being brave and leaves with a souvenir that will change her life. A whimsical children's book suitable for all ages from South African author and illustrator, Robyn Daly.
Robyn lives in Johannesburg with her husband, son, and their pets. From a young age, Robyn loved the escapism that reading offers, and vowed that one day, she would bring that joy to other kids by writing and illustrating her own stories. An animator too, she brings life to fantastical characters in any way she possible can.
Robyn is available for illustration work. 




Nickson Kipyegon

I’ve been an avid writer all of my life, and I  have written over a hundred articles in various writing fields. I am skilled in SEO, global report, ghostwriting, business and technology writing, blog posts, website content, landing page content, reviews, guidebooks, list articles and many other freelance writing areas.

About my writing:

I am a skilled, enthusiastic, self-motivated writer with proven experience of six years as a content writer. My education and research give me the confidence to convince readers of my subject area expertise, combined with a clear writing style. Allow me to deliver unique and quality content with zero plagiarism. I love to carry out research and enrich my writing with individual elements that my clients appreciate.



+254 714490832


Monte Anderson

The possibility of performing head transplants was considered in the early 1900s. With improved technology and more accurate ability to keep neural tissue perfused, medical professionals are now ready to attempt head transplants; or more accurately, body transplants. Keith Andrew was not the first person to undergo a total body transplant, but he was the only one still alive. Keith’s medical team had a high level of confidence he would survive and live to a ripe old age. He was thankful for whatever more time he could get. His terminal cancer would have killed him in a few more months.

A compatible donor was quickly found, and the transplant performed. While still in a coma, Keith had visions that the donor was the victim of a robbery gone wrong. Keith became convinced that he had to solve his murder. It was a case with few clues and no suspects.

A Head for Murder by Monte Royal Anderson, available on Amazon




Mark Lusardi

I somehow seem to have managed to write a book that many people say they love. Rather than wax lyrical on the subject, I thought I might let some of them speak for themselves. Here are some review excerpts:

“Mark Lusardi has crafted an absolute masterpiece and is without any doubt an author to watch.”
“Concept is really out there. Be prepared for something very unique.”
“It is rare today to read work of such superiority.”
“This is definitely a story that will open up your own mind and make you think.”
“Extremely well-written story.”
“A fantastic read and a book I thoroughly enjoyed.”
“This is a read that expands the mind, the sort of book that one finds difficult to put down. I will keep it on the shelf to read again.”
“brilliantly written and enjoyable to read.”
“the twist at the very end of the story is a real gem.”
“Makes you think beyond your expectations.”
“A well deserved 5 stars. (6 if it was an option!)”
“This book is joining a small group of books that I consider my favourites!”
“It is sci-fi but on a different level.”

I believe my 83,792 word science fiction novel ‘ADRIANA (REALITY ONE)’ contains, as far as I can tell, a number of completely original ideas that I hope you might find interesting!


Anusuya Mukherjee

Anusuya Mukherjee was born in India but has grown up around the world. She has been working on writing poetry and short stories for the past few years and has been featured in a few literary magazines. She hopes to publish a novel someday.


Suraya Dewing

Suraya Dewing is the founder and chief executive of Stylefit, an innovative new online tool to assist writers of English language to achieve excellence.  

Suraya has a career background in writing, spanning public relations, information technology, environmental conservation, education, television and radio.

She produced programs on education for New Zealand’s television and wrote, produced and presented on environmental care for local and national radio. 

Suraya was at the forefront of educating and enabling business to take up the opportunities and resulting benefits from the deregulation of the telecommunications industry.

She has a Master of Creative Writing from The University of Auckland.

In 2015, Suraya published her third novel, “Bend with the Wind”.

She created Stylefit in 2013, and has established a vibrant writers’ community and network around the world.

It is Suraya’s commitment to provide all students with the opportunity to write and communicate – in order to equip them for the future in today’s increasingly complex world.


Clive La Pensee

Clive lives in Beverley after 'emigrating' from London to Yorkshire, via Germany. During this time, he worked as a chemistry/physics teacher, throwing in some German, maths and IT. He divides his year between the rural tranquillity of the East Riding and the bustle and music, theatre and cabaret of Berlin. His set of Berlin observations from a bicycle will soon be available through Amazon.

He started writing, by turning a hobby, (historical brewing beers) into an income. Those books made him a household name around the world among craft brewers. He still brews awesome Victorian Pale Ales.

From the beginning, he enjoyed fiction writing and after beer, returned to the happy wilderness of writing for fun. The next step was to publish.

Having enjoyed his success with his beer books as one of the early Indies, (Montag Publications), he decided to continue on that route and publish a novel.

Indie publishing means he can remain a risk-taker. 'That's vital!' He argues, 'We read and write fiction to explore a world that is otherwise, inaccessible to us. Living on the edge through a book is part of the process of having adventures.'

The contrasts between youth and age fascinate - how the old and the young deal with the same circumstances. 'Learn from the young or go the way of the dinosaurs,' is his maxim.

Clive loved working with Alice at New London Writers and is looking forward to being part of her next venture at Purcell Press.