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Join the global writing community

Join the global writing communityJoin the global writing communityJoin the global writing community



About Purcell Press

Who and Why

We are a friendly community publishing outlet. Our mission is to publish and promote emerging writers from around the world. Also, watch this space for online writing workshops and occasional events in London. 

Topics of Interest

Do you think we can be non-violent, self-healing communities? Or is sustainable earth an eco-sci-fi utopian fantasy? 

Well then, what about climate change?

It seems clear and obvious that we have to make positive change happen in our world, right?

Share your thoughts – let's think about it and have a conversation.

Writing to send us

Send engaging, readable narratives, or new ways of thinking about our world.  Send comedy, psi and physics, reports about amazing new technologies, inspiring true-to-life stories, larger-than-life fiction, gripping memoir, or testimonies about human and animal survival. 

Does your writing explore beyond the five-sense reach of reality? Great!  Send it our way. 

Poetry is always welcome, although we do need a savvy poetry editor to help us along. If this is you, please drop us a line right away.


See you on the other side!



With that in mind, please send us a short synopsis or book proposal, including a shorty summary of your writing background. 

Of course, we'd love it if your work is proofread, spell-checked and carefully edited before submission. 

Generally speaking, you should aim for polished copy, but don't stress too much about it. Right now, we're interested in the power of your ideas so don't worry overmuch about correct grammar and perfect syntex.

Feel free to contact us for editing assistance if required.

(Full-length manuscripts only)



We will critique a sample of your writing - free of charge - around 500 words.

Beyond that, if you require extensive edits, contact us for  a very affordable editing service. 

Send writing to our editor here

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