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We will critique your work free of charge (up to 500 words)

Who we are and what we do

Life is stranger than fiction, fiction is fun too


So, Purcell Press? 

We are an independent book publishing outlet.

What do you publish? 

We publish fiction, and non-fiction.

Why should I publish?

In the business world, sharing your  professional knowledge demonstrates  leadership and brings kudos to your business portfolio.

Also, publishing your work is a powerful way to channel your creativity. 

Why not bring your story to light and share your ideas with others?

Why Purcell Press?

Whatever your book is about, we are committed to your writing journey. Together we will meticulously craft your book, build your professional credibility, and create art out of life. 

Our philosophy is all about giving value. Please take a look at our editing and publishing offers in the next two columns

Writing is sublime, editing is divine


You've written the first draft, now make every word count. 

With years of experience in writing, editing and online publishing, we can help bring your book to life. 

Our writing and editing team will show you how to capitalise on your book's core strengths while remaining true to the work's central idea. 


How do I know this is the right editing service for me?

You can test the waters by sending our editing team a small sample of your writing. We will critique the narrative and return the sample with our commentary on the text. 

Feel free to call and speak to one of the team, or send a written enquiry below. We will usually respond within 24 hours. 

Take the first step and let's get started.

Publishing your book


How much does it cost?

As an independent publisher, we aim to keep our costs to a minimum. 

Therefore, our competitively priced and reliable service offers great value to our writing clients. 

Although there is a cost to launching your book, you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable the whole project can be. 

What happens after the book is published?

Our team will remain with you throughout the publishing process and beyond.  Post-publication, we will work with you to source the right avenues for the continued promotion of your work.

How will you help with the promotion side of things?

Using our repository of media industry connections, we will help you to build a targeted list of readers and subscribers.  We aim to send around regular updates including news about you, your book, and your activities.


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